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A series that represents her.

She encapsulates simplicity, vet her reflection is underlined with opulence.
She embodies the eternal juxtaposition of motion, stagnation, and the space that rests between.

She represents the unpredictable nature of ebbs and flows.

She navigates the intricacy of her complex world, standing haute in the midst of a city that belongs to her.

She stands out amongst the rest as her being is the antidote to belonging.
Leave her be and let her heart roam free, she shall not be constrained by thee.

A force of nature, albeit a delicate one.
One composed of elegance and grace.
She, that one would be.

Photos Jack Evstigneev @Jackevstigneev
HMU Lachlan Alexander Wignall @Lachlan_hair Model
Tavla Shaw @Taylashaw_ at IMG models @lmgmodels
Stylist Emma Cotterill @Emma_ cotterill at Reload Agency @Reloadagency
Photo assist Tye Winter @Weareselfmade
Stylist assist Matisse Coletran @Matissecoletran and Elise Staveley @Styledbystaveley
Written by Jorgia Burke @Jorgiburke